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A convenient and secure credential repository

Credenza allows you to safely store personal and sensitive data (such as usernames, passwords and account information, software keys, URLs, connection details and ideas) securely and conveniently on your mobile device. Credenza is more than just a password manager or wallet though - it's a convenient, user-friendly and secure storage application.


  • An intuitive and customizable interface including group icons, touch actions and copy-to-clipboard ability
  • Convenient group organizational methodology and sortable group list
  • Secure 256-bit data encryption with single password access
  • Compatible with usernames, passwords, software keys, URLs, text, etc.
  • Export/import capability for backup or device migration


  • Requires Android: 2.2 and up

How to Get It

Get Credenza from Google Play Store: $1.99

Credenza is available now through the Google Play Store as a stable 1.0+ release. Credenza will be made available through other Android markets as demand grows.


Home and family maintenance scheduler and reminder

Schedulize allows you to organize and schedule home and family maintenance tasks. Set reminders and alerts to help you remember to change the furnace filter once a month, get an oil change on the family car or practically any other periodic task.


Home security and automation tools

Homeview allows you to remotely log in to your home and administer automation-enabled devices and services such as lights and locks, thermostats, garage doors, servers, security cams and more. Feel confident you didn't leave for vacation with the garage door wide open by logging in, checking the status and remotely closing the garage door.